That’s What Happened

is a multi-media network dedicated to decentralized hosting and ensuring that content creators who seek to deliver true media, productive entertainment, and important information are safe from censorship. Taking inspiration from the continuation of the anti-war movement in the 90’s to the mass online de-platforming from 2017-2021, we became tired of jumping from platform to platform and

set out to create an ANSWER instead of an ALTERNATIVE.

We have successfully implemented alternatives to all big tech video hosting, live streaming, podcast hosting, micro-blogging, video chats, chatrooms, and cloud options. We are putting the power and data back in the people’s hands, and not another walled garden. Want to learn more about our tech? Find us in the forum!

We go out of our way to make sure that each aspect of our site (software, hosting, etc.) is free from the stranglehold of big tech, and believe it is better to be a collective of like minded builders than each show having their own website. This serves as a more affordable option for the vast majority of people, along with built in networking opportunities. For this reason we are open to meeting with other podcasts, shows, and streamers and offer our support. While it still makes sense to be on “major platforms”, providing your audience with non-intrusive options shows them you value transparency, their privacy, and are ahead of the times!

For hosting inquiries- Email

Audio Hosting

1-4 episodes/month: $5

5+/month: reach out in the forum or email for a custom plan

Live Online Radio

Our software allows us to put prerecorded podcasts on a 24/7 scheduled feed, we also have the option to air shows live. We hope to begin this in Fall/Winter 2022. If interested, please join the Hosting Request room in the forum or email

*Video Hosting/Archive

1-4 videos/month: $10

5+ video/week: reach out in the forum or email for a custom plan

For uploading an archive of past episodes: reach out in the forum or email

*subject to customization based on frequency of uploads per week & average file size

Live Streaming w/ live chat



All programs on our site are welcome to have their own chat room in our forum.

Future Endeavors & Other Services:

Either in addition to, or separate from our above options, other services include…

-building a neat website for your program

-we can provide your community with their own micro-blogging site alternative

we are hoping to bring back past features, including:



-paywalled content

if your program would benefit from these and you would like to help reach out in the forum or email



“why do they keep wanting me to join the forum”?

Who do you think we are? Corporate juggernauts? Come say hi!